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"Let's leave our heavy luggage securely and travel around comfortably"

There are lots of tourists who want to travel for a few hours before check-in, or for a few hours before flying. However, it is difficult to travel around especially in crowded places with their luggage in hand. Was it not inconvenient when undergoing such experiences while traveling?
Here, a social enterprise based in Incheon Metropolitan City is launching a first-ever travel convenience service in Korea that will get rid of such trouble to the tourists.
Smile System Inc. a professional travel convenience service company, has been getting attention not only domestically but also internationally, by launching 'SeinusPack,' a service of providing storage area for travel luggage in sightseeing destinations in August 2018.
SeinusPack is a service that solves uncomfortable situations during travels. Traveler first searches online for an 'affiliate store' of various businesses (cafes, restaurants, karaoke shops, retail stores, etc.) located in areas that tourists like to visit (i.e. Myeongdong) and books online. Then, he/she can store their heavy luggage securely for desired amount of time in the designated store, and enjoy various services provided by the store.
Cho Sun-hyun, the CEO, stated that "Tourists visiting Korea will no longer suffer from heavy burdens, and I am expecting that our service will contribute to the enhancement of social values that will help to vitalize the commercial alleys and regional economy by cooperating with the local industry."
Smile System Inc. launched 'SeinuStar' in October 2016 to provide clothing rental service (i.e. winter coat rentals for Southeast Asian tourists during winter), as a social enterprise certified by the Ministry of Employment and Labor (No. 2015-032), a tourism venture company of Korea Tourism Organization (No. 2018-7), and a CSV partner of Incheon Airport Corporation. It is expected that the Company will provide a variety of services in order for foreign tourists to enjoy more convenient traveling in Korea. (Located in Incheon International Airport Terminal 1, 1st floor Counter No. 71).

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